March 9, 2017Published Article

State Budget Status Update

Governor Walker introduced his 2017-2019 executive budget on February 8, at which time it was referred to the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee (JFC). The budget bill now awaits extensive review and will likely to see significant revision. Before the JFC begins voting to modify the governor’s budget, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau will provide a comprehensive set of “budget papers,” or detailed analyses of numerous provisions included in the budget bill.

The JFC co-chairs recently indicated that the committee will begin holding briefings on the portions of the budget affecting the major agencies of state government during the last week of March. This will be followed by a series of six public hearings around the state, expected to begin the week of April 17. Once the public hearings are completed, the committee will begin holding executive sessions where they will vote to adopt or modify the various provisions included in the governor’s budget. The current state fiscal biennium ends on June 30.

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