July 11, 2018Guide & Reference Material, Brochure

Data Breach Response Checklist

With data security breaches becoming more pervasive, any public or private organization that stores electronic data remains vulnerable to having that data stolen or compromised. In recent months, high-profile data breaches have caused companies to suffer significant financial losses and reputation damage and have put consumers at risk for fraud and identity theft.  At Michael Best, we can assist in implementing measures immediately following a breach – such as quickly deploying your incident response team, taking immediate action to properly remediate impacted systems, and promptly notifying law enforcement and affected parties – to help lessen the impact of a security incident. The items in this checklist provide best practices that will enable your organization to effectively remediate and quickly enforce a well-coordinated response to an intrusion or cybersecurity attack.

Click here to view the Data Breach Response Checklist.

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