June 22, 2018In the News

The ‘Mom Mentor’ Always Knows Best

Wisconsin Law Journal

"Farrah N.W. Rifelj isn’t sure why she was always drawn to the law, but growing up she knew it’s what she wanted to do.

When she was in elementary school, she would dress up in a suit and take a briefcase for career days.

“Early on I liked the academic piece of it. I think that’s what really attracted me to it,” she said. “I love learning about the law, the history of the law, the history of government. Now, as I’ve progressed in my career, it’s also having this relationship with clients and helping solve their problems.”

Rifelj is a partner and deputy general counsel at Michael Best & Friedrich. She specializes in employment counseling and employment litigation and has an emphasis on discrimination and harassment prevention and litigation, noncompetition, and Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

Rifelj started at Michael Best 15 years ago as a member of a trial team. As her career progressed, she continued to build relationships with clients while making sure they stayed abreast of any developments that could affect their businesses."

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