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Greathouse quoted in, "Milwaukee's #MeToo movement: Employers staying proactive"

Milwaukee Business Journal

Michael Best Partner Denise Greathouse was quoted in the Milwaukee Business Journal's article, "Milwaukee's #MeToo movement: Employers staying proactive" on May 25, 2018.

"Me too.

It's a short phrase, but perhaps no statement in recent times has packed the punch, conveyed so much and impacted such change — especially in the first few months of 2018 — as those two meager, single-syllable words.

As the viral social media movement has unfurled throughout the internet and shocking revelations of rampant sexual misconduct have come to light thanks to #MeToo, the campaign’s effects have been numerous and far-reaching.

“Before (companies) were worried more about — for a lack of better word — the rank-and-file staff; now they realize it’s top to bottom,” said attorney Denise Greathouse at Milwaukee law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, which has been hosting thought leadership sessions on #MeToo for clients. “That has changed drastically due to the #MeToo movement.”

Many allegations brought to light through #MeToo have centered around individuals who hold high-level positions within an organization.

Locally, Greathouse said she’s observed that, following the #MeToo movement, Milwaukee-area firms are transitioning some of their employee education on harassment from an online format to one that is conducted in-person by a third party."

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