April 9, 2018In the News

Bode quoted in, “How long will game of chicken with China last?”

Farm Futures

Michael Best Strategies Partner Denise Bode was quoted in Farm Futures’ article, “How long will game of chicken with China last?” on April 9, 2018.

“At the end of the week which was characterized by a tit-for-tat response between China and the United States on trade retaliations, it’s starting to look as though neither China or the United States will back down. The good news for farmers is that there still is time before the worst of the tariffs – such as the 25% tariff on soybeans, corn and beef – could go into effect.

In response to an additional $100 billion in tariffs that President Donald Trump asked the U.S. Trade Representative to examine based on farmers being targeted in China’s retaliation, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce, responded, “We don't want to fight, but we're not afraid of a trade war. The statement to the U.S. side that we will listen to its words.”’

To read the entire Farm Futures article, click here.

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