March 6, 2018In the News

Crass a panelist on Competitive Wisconsin’s BE BOLD Series on Food Manufacturing

Michael Best Partner Dave Crass was a featured panelist in Competitive Wisconsin’s segment, “BE BOLD III: Accelerate Wisconsin: Part 1 – Food Manufacturing.”

BE BOLD III: Accelerate Wisconsin is focused on enhancing the ability of Wisconsin’s major industrial clusters to thrive in Wisconsin while competing and prospering even more effectively in a constantly changing world.

Food manufacturers employ more than 64,000 people in Wisconsin and generate more than $8 billion annually in gross domestic product for the state. What they do obviously works for Wisconsin and BE BOLD III determined to start its research of this important cluster by asking those who manage and advise the companies that comprise it how well Wisconsin was working for them. To that end, BE BOLD III retained Deloitte Consulting to convene and facilitate a “sounding board” session with corporate executives, professional association leaders and executives, and academic experts under contract to companies and/or professional associations to explore what was, and was not, working for Wisconsin food manufacturers.

To learn more, click the video below.

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