January 30, 2018Blog

The Packers, Beer, Cheese Curds and …Regulatory Reform?

American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL)

Partner Todd Palmer’s blog post, “The Packers, Beer, Cheese Curds and …Regulatory Reform?” is featured on the American College of Environmental Lawyers’ website.

“If states are the crucible of policy experimentation, Wisconsin’s regulatory reform efforts deserve attention as the Trump Administration implements its federal deregulatory agenda. Wisconsin has been pushing an aggressive deregulatory agenda for the last five years and its experiences might better inform the federal debate in this area.

The cornerstone of Wisconsin’s regulatory reform effort has been Act 21. Enacted in 2011 during a Special Session of the Legislature, Act 21 prohibits a state agency from implementing or enforcing any requirement, standard or permit term unless it is explicitly required or authorized by statute or administrative rule. Although largely ignored for its first five years, Act 21 has become a significant force in the state.”

Todd is a member of the ACOEL.

To read the entire blog post, click here.

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