December 22, 2017Published Article

Copyright Concerns Amidst Rapid Advancements in Cutting-Edge Hologram Technology

Bloomberg Law

Michael Best attorneys Chuck Laff and Brenda Ambrosius’ article, “Copyright Concerns Amidst Rapid Advancements in Cutting-Edge Hologram Technology” was featured in Bloomberg Law on December 22, 2017.

“As technology continues to advance at staggering speeds, the law often struggles to keep up. This ‘‘law lag’’ is prevalent in copyright law as it applies to new, creative works in media never before imagined. A timely example of this is the use of holograms in entertainment performances.

During a Brad Paisley concert in Madison, Wisconsin, much to the audience’s surprise, Carrie Underwood emerged from backstage to perform a duet with Paisley. Following the concert, it was revealed that, in fact, Underwood had not been in Wisconsin for the concert, but rather a hologram was used to perform the duet.

Brad Paisley had been using holograms throughout his tour, starting in 2011, surprising many along the tour route with the realism that the hologram portrayed.

Later in 2012, a now infamous Coachella concert featuring Tupac Shakur 16 years after his death was all the rage. In 2014, Michael Jackson ‘‘performed’’ at the Billboard Music Awards even though he had passed away five years earlier. And it was recently announced that Ronnie James Dio will return to performing in his Dio Returns tour, more than seven years after his death."    

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