November 28, 2017Client Alert

OSHA Delays Electronic Reporting Requirement

OSHA issued a rule requiring electronic reporting of injury and illness records in early 2017 as discussed in earlier alerts, found here and here.

On Wednesday, November 22, the deadline for reporting was extended, yet again, to December 15 (from December 1). Click here to view the news release issued by OSHA.

There is still an expectation that OSHA will propose a new rule to alter the requirements. That proposed rule change will be issued in 2018 and may alter the requirements for reporting in future years, as well as change some of the anti-retaliation provisions of the rule. It does not look like that will further delay the reporting of the 2016 data currently (now) due on December 15.

There is still a case pending in the federal court in Oklahoma that may delay the reporting requirement prior to the December 15 deadline. Employers are advised to contact legal counsel regarding reporting obligations, but at the present time, it may make sense to wait until December 11 to start the recording process, since an action by the federal court may result in a change, yet again.   

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