November 17, 2017In the News

Jeff Thormodsgaard: Providing Strategy and Advice to the Queer Political Community

We see it everywhere, from advertising and marketing to conversations and compromise. The power of persuasion is one that is not to be underestimated. That’s why it is so important to have persuasive people who stand up for LGBTQ rights on our side in politics. Jeff Thormodsgaard, lobbyist, campaign strategist, and political advisor, knows what it takes to get people to listen in politics. One of this year’s Power Winners, Thormodsgaard is being recognized for his contributions to queer political reform and his dedication to fighting the good fight.

What made you decide to get involved with politics and campaigns? Why did you decide to study politics?

I’ve been in politics since I was a little kid; I ran for office when I was a little guy. It was kind of my trajectory and I got a degree in political science and had no idea what that meant and moved to Alaska. I was there for a few years, figured out what I wanted to do, came back to become a lobbyist, and immediately met Pat Steadman, and he sort of shepherded me into the whole political consulting lobbying world. I worked on the Domestic Partner Campaign in 2006.

I decided to study politics because I love people and I want to see all people have a voice, and I don’t think all people understand government or understand how things work, and things happen without people being involved, without someone who cares, which isn’t good.

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