September 11, 2017In the News

Adrienne Ehrhardt quoted in, "European Human Rights Ruling Provides Insights on Privacy for U.S. Companies"

Companies may want to tell employees that if they ‘do not want the company to access information, please do not store it in our systems,’ advises attorney Harriet Pearson.

Legaltech News

Adrienne Ehrhardt, an attorney at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, said that this workplace communication is key. If employers are going to restrict an employee’s privacy in the workplace, they need to disclose in detail how that privacy is going to be “invaded.”

“Employers need to have legitimate reasons for restricting an employee’s privacy. So, broad practices and rules that allow employers to monitor employees without specific business justification will be problematic,” Ehrhardt said. “The European Court’s ruling found against the Romanian court’s handling of the matter. This could perhaps signal an increasing desire to, at the EU level, enforce greater privacy protections at the national level.”

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