June 13, 2017Speaking Engagement

Creating a Food Safety Mindset - A Best Practice Session

FaB Wisconsin

Do you have food safety on your mind?

Following a record year of food recalls, this best practice session will explore how to create a company culture that leads to a food safety mindset to mitigate the chance of a recall within your business. Whether you are a food and beverage maker, or providing ingredients, packaging or equipment to food and beverage makers, food safety is critical to operate your business. And it starts with your employees.

We’ll explore recent recalls, the outcomes and how companies manage through a crisis. Meet the panel of member companies that are changing the food safety mindset of their employees and how it impacts their daily operations. The panel will present what has worked and what has not worked for them.

For more information, please visit the FaB Wisconsin website.

University Club of Milwaukee
924 E. Wells St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

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