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Benson quoted in "2017 Has Been The Year For Odd Food Recalls"


Paul Benson was quoted in the Law360 article "2017 Has Been The Year For Odd Food Recalls" on May 11, 2017.

A dead bat in a salad. Dismembered golf parts in hash browns. A euthanasia drug in dog food. Food and beverage attorneys from both sides of the bar agree: When it comes to food recalls, this year so far has been ... odd.

Both the volume and the type of food recalls in the first several months of 2017 have been unusual, attorneys said, pointing to a string of recent recalls involving not just the dead bat's body and golf ball pieces, but also shards of glass found in Publix spinach dip and metal pieces found in PepsiCo bottles in Michigan, which have left attorneys scratching their heads.

"I've been a food lawyer for over 20 years and I can't ever remember a golf ball," said Paul Benson of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

These issues, arising from some part of the manufacturing process or a contamination from a foreign object or source, used to be far more common, Benson said.

"Those types of claims, they were gone for a long time because we've gotten so good at making stuff ... so it's kind of surprising to see these kinds of claims coming up now," Benson said.

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