January 4, 2016Speaking Engagement

Intellectual Property for the Startup and Small Business

Austin Texas Inventopreneurs (ATXI)

In this interactive presentation, Andrew will discuss the pros and cons of planning, obtaining, and maintaining intellectual property as it relates to both high and low tech startups and small businesses. We will also discuss the benefits and trade-offs associated with allocating hard earned investment and revenue dollars towards IP opposed to other growing business needs. During the discussion, Andrew will propose several models for structuring a company's intellectual property and lead a discussion relating the different models to different industries as well as relating each model to a business plan, funding opportunities, exit strategies, and best and worst case scenarios.

In particular, Andrew will plan to answer the following questions:

1) Should my company invest in intellectual property? Intellectual property has many different uses and applications. However, each use may only be applicable to specific types of companies, goals, and facts. In some cases, companies may even benefit from delaying or forgoing an investment in intellectual property, while in other cases not investing early may reduce exit opportunities or worse.

2) How should my company begin to develop an intellectual property strategy that informs and supports the company's current situation, growth, and ultimately the company's end goals? Typically, intellectual property is a one or two line item in a company's business plan. However, in many cases, a well developed and detailed intellectual property plan may support steady growth, provide access to complimentary opportunities and/or revenue, and more accurately predict business costs.

3) How can my company identify new funding opportunities and specific organizations that rely on intellectual property in their investment decisions? In some industries, potential purchasers, investors, and/or lending sources may become available in large part due to a well-developed intellectual property portfolio. Ensuring that your company's portfolio resonates with these individuals and entities may be an important part of a company's exit strategy.

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