March 1, 2017In the News

Ehrhardt quoted in "Counsel Face Major Challenges with Rise of the Internet of Things"

In addition to heeding ever-changing regulations over Internet of Things devices, counsel must reckon with novel security and discovery burdens.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way consumers interact with their products—and vice versa. With smart refrigerators tracking expiration dates and food amounts, or smartphone applications that can remotely regulate the temperature and energy use of a home, consumers are more equipped than ever before to seamlessly manage everyday responsibilities.

But while such integration has its benefits, IoT devices pose a multitude of legal, e-discovery and security issues for counsel at companies that create such devices and companies that use them in their offices. While corporate counsel at IoT manufacturers contend with the complex emergence of IoT regulations, counsel across all companies and industries may have to grapple with how to manage secure IoT devices employed in their office.

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