February 21, 2017Client Alert

A Closer Look at the Governor’s Budget: Transportation

Not surprisingly, Governor Walker’s budget did not include tax or fee increases to pay for transportation projects, but he is proposing $500 million in new borrowing. Other transportation provisions in the budget include:

  • $6.1 billion total investment in the state’s transportation network
  • General transportation aids to counties and municipalities will increase by $40 million, or 9%, in 2018 for a total of $459 million
  • State funding for Local Improvement Aids will increase by $7 million annually
  • $6 million in new funding over the biennium for local bridge improvements
  • $1.7 billion for the State Highway Rehabilitation program to increase funding for maintenance and rehabilitation of the current highway system
  • $670 million for the Major Highway Development program to ensure that all major projects stay on schedule
  • $122 million for the core of the Zoo Interchange project to remain on schedule
  • Beginning in 2019-2020, deposit excess revenue from the petroleum inspection fee into the Transportation Fund, this will equal approximately $107 million during the 2019-2021 biennium
  • Allow WisDOT to use the alternative project delivery method (Construction Manager/General Contractor) on three pilot projects

The Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association criticized the Governor’s budget, saying, “This budget proposal fails to address the infrastructure needs in Wisconsin that have been well documented.”

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