March 5-8Speaking Engagement

Ideas for Reducing Patent Infringement Risk Using Historical and Predictive Patent Mapping

International Patent Information Conference & Exposition (IPI-ConfEx)

Clients continue to demand more from patent mapping systems and methods, including ways to further mitigate patent litigation risk. As the costs of patent infringement escalate, so does the need to better identify trends in competitor patent activity. The ability to recognize and even forecast patent activities in a given industry and technology has obvious advantages, yet the dimension of time is underutilized in many conventional patent mapping techniques. This presentation focuses upon ideas for unlocking the potential of trend identification in patent analytics systems. Historical and predictive patent modeling can give technology companies a significant advantage in making business decisions and navigating patent landscapes. Coupled with proper patent clearance and non-infringement counseling, such processes are no longer on the horizon of what sophisticated legal consumers demand.

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