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February 8, 2017In the News

Bergner At Home In Real Estate Practice

Wisconsin Law Journal

Real estate dealings have been part of Danielle Bergner’s life for a long time.

Growing up with a mother involved with development, real estate was a popular topic at home. At age 19, Bergner earned her real estate license. After graduating college, she entered the real estate industry full-time.

But Bergner, now the managing partner of Michael Best & Friedrich’s office in Milwaukee and the real estate practice group chair, sensed the good times of the early 2000s wouldn’t continue — so she entered law school.

“I had good timing,” she said of getting out of the industry before the real estate bubble burst.

When it came to picking a legal specialty, real estate was a natural fit.

“I enjoy helping people either sell, buy or build something. You have happy clients,” she said. “It’s fun to be involved in projects and drive by a building and say, ‘I helped get that built.’”

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