January 12, 2017Press Release

Michael Best Hits Home Run in the D.C. Market With New Hires

Two industry veterans to pave the way for Michael Best Strategies’ D.C. platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 12, 2017) – Michael Best Strategies seizes on the 2016 government and executive leadership structure change with the recruitment of two nationally recognized lobbying professionals with a vast breadth of experience, contacts and reach into the administration and Congress. Denise Bode, former CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, President of the Independent Petroleum Association of America and Oklahoma officeholder, and Tom Schreibel, the past chief of staff and committee professional staff member to U.S. Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., join as partners in the Washington, D.C. office. Michael Best Strategies is the lobbying and regulatory-consulting arm of law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, and provides federal, state and local government relations services.  Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff to President-Elect Trump, is a former partner of Michael Best.

"On November 8, 2016, the direction of this country changed,” said Ted Kanavas, President of Michael Best Strategies. “Michael Best Strategies, with its deep Wisconsin roots, is incredibly well positioned to work with the incoming administration and the leadership of the 115th Congress. This wasn’t an opportunity we were going to pass up to build on a better idea for how advocacy professionals can add value for their clients. We are delighted that these two battle-tested individuals are coming onboard. The leadership of Denise and Tom, combined with the talent and growth in our other state offices, expands upon our ability to serve our clients at all levels of government."

Bode is a nationally recognized policy expert with more than 30 years of federal and state lobbying experience in the energy, tax reform, regulatory law, trade, food, and agriculture sectors. As a partner with Michael Best Strategies, Bode will assist in building teams in D.C. and the regional offices to effectively implement policy advocacy strategies. Prior to joining Michael Best Strategies, Bode has served as trade association head of both the wind industry as well as the domestic oil and gas industry. She is a veteran lobbyist serving as a partner and principal in two other D.C. firms, beginning her lobbying career with the last major tax reform act in 1986. Her public service includes serving as a key advisor to former Governor then U.S. Senator David Boren from Oklahoma and later elected statewide to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission overseeing telecommunications, utilities, oil and gas, and transportation.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Strategies value proposition as our nation enters a period of bold policy change,” said Bode. “In particular, having been deeply involved in development of the last tax reform law in 1986, I am eager to bring our clients to the table and inform the tax reform package of 2017.”

Tom Schreibel will join as a partner and provide counsel in legislative and executive processes through development and implementation of political, legislative, and public affairs strategies. Tom maintains strong personal ties to the Judiciary Committee and House Leadership, especially his fellow Wisconsin policymakers in the Nation’s capitol. Before joining Michael Best Strategies, he served as vice president of government and industry affairs at Sheehan Family Companies, the nation’s sixth largest beverage distribution company. While there, Schreibel led the company’s government relations portfolio and public policy activity for 15 state legislatures and Washington, D.C., and managed relationships and communication with industry leaders, legislators, and elected officials. Schreibel has more than 28 years of service of experience in House of Representatives. He served 12 years as chief of staff to Representative Jim Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin, overseeing the Washington, D.C. and district offices. Schreibel helped captain Sensenbrenner’s presence on the House Judiciary Committee and Select Committee on Climate Change and Global Warming. Additionally, Schreibel has an impressive political track record in Wisconsin working on numerous successful congressional and local races, an effective Congressional redistricting effort and he continues to serve as vice-chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“Michael Best is renowned across Wisconsin for its capabilities to tackle clients’ issues and provide reassurance that they’re voice is being heard at the highest levels,” Schreibel said. “Now we’re going to make a big splash inside the beltway. The opportunity to work closely with such an exceptional group of people with deep government experience was a chance I could not pass up.”

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