October 26, 2016

Ritt and Barber featured in “Double-check coverage in three key risk areas”


This summer, attorneys Steven Ritt and Eric Barber emailed a memo to their clients on the heels of newly released Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) final rules for small drones. It began: “The floodgates are open.”

That’s because the rules will enable more farmers, other business owners and hobbyists to fly the friendly skies. The technology, while a time-saver for many producers who need fields scouted, is adding layers of complexity for insurers whose policies protect farm operations.

“Insurers now engage in a qualitative case-by-case evaluation of insurance applicants,” noted Ritt and Barber, both with the Milwaukee, Wis.-based law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP, at the time. “While the process of securing insurance can still be quick, it is slowing.”

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