July 23-24, 2015Speaking Engagement

Defining Success for Yourself and Making the Most Out of Both Life and Career in the Increasingly Hectic Life Sciences Legal World

ACI's Second Annual Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law

Both law firms and corporate life sciences law departments have taken steps to accelerate the advancement of women in leadership and have put policies in place to encourage a happier workforce, but unfortunately, these efforts have yet to see great results.  In this session, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss as a group the real world challenges we have encountered and how they were handled.  While there are no “one true path” on the road to continue increasing the prominence of women in power at life sciences companies and the law firms representing them, it will be beneficial to hear common experiences, to frankly discuss some of the obstacles to advancement, and to talk about what has worked for other similarly situated women lawyers in the life sciences legal industry in the quest for career advancement and personal and professional development.

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