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October 17, 2016In the News

Bergner featured in "Find your purpose to move forward"


Danielle Bergner is the new Milwaukee managing partner for law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. Businesses that understand their purpose can move forward with courage, she says.

“As a real estate lawyer, I have devoted my career to solving problems and taking on new challenges.  Each real estate transaction is like a puzzle, requiring patience, creativity, determination and at times, pure force.

“I’ve learned, however, that organizational leadership requires more than just technical expertise and drive. It requires character and a lot of courage. The courage to embrace change, to own your mistakes and to do the right thing.

“Courage is not, however, a standalone quality – it depends on a foundation of purpose; of believing not only in what you do, but in why you do it. Once you understand the purpose in what you do, or in what your organization does, goals become clear and the will to implement follows naturally.

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