October 24, 2013Client Alert

WDNR Seeks Comment on Particulate Monitor Guidance

On October 23, 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) announced the availability of a new draft guidance document for public comment. WDNR will accept comments on the draft document until November 13, 2013.


The seven-page draft document, “High Volume PM10/TSP Calibration/Verification/Audit Guidance” was developed to provide information regarding the recommended operations and DNR audit procedures for high volume samplers of particulate. The guidance is principally directed to operators of samplers located at industrial facilities that measure PM10 or total suspended particulate (TSP) matter. The utilization of PM10 monitors has increased in recent years due to the recent revocation of the TSP standard in Wisconsin. Particulate samplers are also often required at industrial sand mine operations, the number of which has dramatically increased over the last several years. Several sites continue to monitor for TSP as a surrogate for PM10 or as a secondary analysis for lead.


In the guidance, WDNR acknowledges there are several accepted methods for the calibration of high volume samplers that yield similar results. WDNR also acknowledges “some flexibility in calibration method is acceptable, and methods will be evaluated during annual audits that are performed with a standard method.” However, the guidance is meant to ensure that uniformity remains in how these monitors collect and analyze particulate in ambient air.


The guidance recommends calibration procedures include temperature and pressure measurements. Additionally, WDNR is providing guidance for calibrations and flow calculations for common types of samplers. This guidance will include spreadsheet templates for calibrations and Quality Control (QC) checks that can be used by facilities and consultants. Use of the following templates is not a requirement; they are provided as a guide:


Audit Form Blank

Audit Form Examples

MFC Calibration Blank

MFC Calibration Example


WDNR will accept comments until November 13, 2013. Facilities that operate particulate monitors are encouraged to review this draft document and submit comments as appropriate. If you have any questions with respect to this guidance or how it might affect your facility, please contact Todd E. Palmer at or 608.283.4432 or Angela A. James at or 608.283.0106.

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