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Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Joins Global Water Council

Agribusiness, Food and Beverage Newsletter

It goes without saying that a majority of agribusinesses, from food processors to producers, face water-management issues on a daily basis and are looking to the newest water-related technologies to find innovative solutions. Earlier this year, Michael Best joined the growing list of tenants at the Global Water Council, a water research & business accelerator center in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. The building houses water-related research facilities for universities, existing water-related companies, and accelerator space for new, emerging water-related companies. The facility will be a venue for attracting and creating new businesses in the water industry, and will address key local and global water-quality technology and policy issues.


As a legal service provider with extensive experience in venture capital, intellectual property and corporate transactions, Michael Best has done a substantial amount of work with both start-ups and emerging companies in the technology transfer space. This experience provides us with the understanding of the unique legal needs of entrepreneurs, the ability to deliver legal services and strategic advice needed to grow in today’s economy, and allows us the opportunity to introduce venture capital and private equity investors to early and mid-stage investment prospects.


The center is a venue for creating and developing new opportunities in the water industry as well as addressing critical local and global water technology and policy matters. In addition to laboratory and office space, the Center offers first class business amenities including Type II laboratory standard and pre-treatment for a Type I standard water, high-speed internet service, boardroom style conference room, 45 person auditorium, Networking Cafe, and a location at the center of a vibrant cultural and entertainment. To learn more about the Global Water Council, their initiatives and the Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator, click here.
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