September 6, 2011Client Alert

America Invents Act A Likely Reality

The United States Congress is very close to fundamentally changing patent law in this country. The enactment of the America Invents Act would be the most significant change made to patent law since 1952. If, in the very near future, the Senate approves this piece of legislation, it could be signed into law by President Obama a few days later.


There are many changes in this America Invents Act that will profoundly affect inventors and business. The most talked about change is a first-to-file system for patent applications rather than the first-to-invent system that is currently in place in the US. This change will significantly pressure patent lawyers to prepare applications very quickly.


The Intellectual Property Practice Group at Michael Best has been preparing for this fundamental change for some time. We have adopted Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles to enable our team of over 60 patent prosecution professionals to meet this changing demand from our clients. This depth of professionals, which includes 12 PhDs to call upon, allows Michael Best to select the most technically qualified person to manage a project, ensuring applications are prepared quickly and accurately.


Here at Michael Best, we are ready for passage of the America Invents Act.  We will be actively educating our clients on the Act and our ongoing preparations for its enactment.

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