June 9, 2011Client Alert

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Seeks Public Comments on Preventative Food-Safety Controls

In early January, we informed you about the new Food & Safety Modernization Act (“the Act”) that overhauls the nation’s food-safety laws. The landmark law, among other things, provides the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) with the authority to set national standards for producing and harvesting fresh produce and for developing updated safety guidelines for specific fruits, vegetables and designated high-risk produce. Recently, the FDA announced they are seeking public comments to obtain information about preventive controls and practices used by facilities to identify and address hazards associated with specific types of food and processes.


Public comments and views provided to the FDA by interested parties will be utilized to develop guidance on hazard identification (biological, chemical, radiological, and physical) and preventive controls measures and methods for food facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold human food or animal food/feed (including pet food). The FDA will be accepting public comments through August 22, 2011. The FDA has indicated they expect the proposed rule to be published this fall. 


For your convenience, additional details about the Act and the public comment request are posted here:



To help you address any questions you may have about the Act, the public comment request or compliance with the new law, please contact
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