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Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law – A Handbook For Employers

First through Fifth Editions, published by the WMC Foundation




Investing in this comprehensive resource guide will help you cut through the maze of worker’s compensation - from purchasing worker’s compensation insurance to administering claims - and controlling costs. 

A must-have reference for HR professionals, business owners, claims managers, insurers, government officials and anyone else dealing with Worker’s Compensation issues.

Written in a clear, concise and easy to use format by experienced employment and worker’s compensation attorneys, this publication will prove to be a valuable

resource for everyone who works with the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation System. This handbook will provide you with valuable insights on reducing worker’s compensation costs, defending claims and managing difficult employee issues in complex worker’s compensation cases.

Topics Include:


  • History and structure, benefits and standards
  • Investigation, documenting and challenging claims. Step-by-step approach, from the initial stages through hearing and appeal
  • Methods to respond to and prevent fraud
  • The impact of laws such as unemployment compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act on worker’s compensation
  • Medical Treatment Guidelines
  • Forms and Regulations
    • Contains the entire text of the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act, Administrative Rules and state mandated forms



Features Include:

  • Quick Answers to Your WC Questions
  • Quick Summary of Employer and Insurer Rights & Responsibilities
  • Tips on Claims Administration and Fraud Prevention
  • Complete Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Statutes
  • State and Federal Forms in Print
  • New Case Examples

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About the Author

Charles B. Palmer is a partner and a member of the Employment Relations Practice Group at Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP. He focuses his practice in labor negotiations, employment litigation, Equal Employment Opportunity, wage and hour, restrictive covenants, independent contractor and employment contracts, worker’s compensation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws and regulation and a Wisconsin Safety Council Advisory Board Member.


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