November 2009Published Book

An Entrepreneur’s Introduction to Venture Capital Financings

This brief introduction to raising venture capital is aimed at early stage entrepreneurs trying to figure out if venture capital is a good option for financing their business and, if so, what to expect during the process of identifying, selling and closing the right venture capitalist and deal. Far from comprehensive, it provides a 30,000 foot view of the venture capital landscape. Needless to say, nothing in this guide should be construed as legal advice and you should contact one of the authors with specific questions regarding your situation.

Many entrepreneurs find the process of courting venture capital investors obscure; the venture capital decision making process opaque; and the process of negotiating and closing a venture capital investment tedious, confusing and expensive. We hope this guide will help entrepreneurs develop a better understanding of the venture capital mating game. That should, in turn, make the selling proposition a bit more straightforward; the decision making process a little more transparent; and the negotiation and closing of a transaction a bit less tedious, perhaps less confusing and maybe even a bit less expensive.

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