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Reductions in Workforce Handbook

This handbook is intended to assist businesses in the decision making process in tough economic times. The following sections discuss the legal restraints and considerations relative to reductions in force and temporary or permanent layoffs, as well as full plant closings. The handbook also discusses the human resource aspects of the reduction in force, considerations related to workforce morale, and alternatives to layoffs. At the end of the handbook we provide a sample reduction in force matrix, as an example of a method for evaluating employees and documenting the factors taken into consideration, when deciding who is to be laid off and who is to be retained. We hope that you find this helpful.

The handbook contains the following:

  • Considerations;
  • Intangible costs of plant closings and reductions in force;
  • Tangible costs of plant closings and reductions in force;
  • Legal liabilities arising from downsizing;
  • Anti-Discrimination laws: ADEA, Title VII and ADA;
  • FMLA;
  • Plant closings laws: which employers are covered, when is notice required and who is entitled to notice;
  • NLRA: mandatory subjects of bargaining, violations and injunctions;
  • Collective bargaining agreements and other contracts;
  • Continuing obligations after downsizing; COBRA and operations required during plant closing;
  • Alternatives to layoffs;
  • RIF analysis/Matrix guidelines.

Cost: $49.00 per handbook.

If you would like additional information or have any questions regarding this manual, please contact Scott C. Beightol at 414.225.4994 or; or Charles B. Palmer at 262.956.6518 or
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