2008Guide & Reference Material, Brochure

Family and Medical Leave Act Reference Manual

Incorporating the 2008 Final Federal Regulations and Military Leave Amendments

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act has caused anxiety to countless human resources administrators since it was enacted in 1993. Michael Best recognizes our clients’ need to have the resources necessary to handle the myriad issues that arise under this complex law. We have developed the Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Family and Medical Leave Act Reference Manual in response to these needs and have recently revised it to incorporate the 2008 final regulations and the 2008 military family leave amendments. Michael Best has analyzed the final FMLA regulations and the specific employer rights and obligations that exist under these new regulations and has created specialized forms for use by employers that meet the mandates of these new regulations as well as comply with the statute while taking advantage of the employer rights that exist better than the standard “one-size-fits-all” forms made optional by the Department of Labor.

Some of the changes include:

  • A new definition for determining whether an employee has worked the requisite 12-month period to be eligible for FMLA;
  • Clarifying definitions of "continuing treatment" and "chronic condition" as serious health conditions;
  • A new method for determining FMLA leave entitlement when an employee's work schedule varies from week to week;
  • Modified notice provisions;
  • New certification, recertification and fitness for duty procedures;
  • The ability to deny bonuses or awards conditioned on the achievement of a specified goal such as hours worked or perfect attendance; and
  • Guidance on the administration of the military family leave amendments of January 2008, which provide for leave due to a "qualifying exigency" and leave to care for a covered service member.

The reference manual contains the following materials:

  • FMLA Checklists and Flowchart;
  • Starter FMLA Policy;
  • Notice and Certification Forms Specially Designed to Meet the Employer’s Legal FMLA Mandated Obligations;
  • Additional Recommended FMLA administration forms not available anywhere else;
  • The federal FMLA Statute as enacted by Congress;
  • The federal FMLA Final Regulations issued by the Department of Labor;
  • The comments by the Department of Labor to the Final Regulations;
  • Guidance concerning the interaction between the FMLA, COBRA, and Cafeteria Plans; and
  • Space for more FMLA materials as you accumulate them.

Cost: $299.00 per manual

Questions? Contact: Charles P. Stevens at, or 414.225.8268.



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