October 8, 2007Client Alert

.ASIA Domain Names Up For Grabs

Is your company in Asia? If not, is Asia in your future plans? If you answered "yes" to either question, it is important to take stock of and protect your intellectual property rights in the region -- before someone else does.

The newest right, the regional domain ".Asia", is up for grabs in 2007. The initial round for applications begins October 9, 2007, and is limited to governments desiring geographical names such as "china.Asia" and owners of registered trademarks that are in use and that have an application date before March 16, 2004. The application period for later-filed registered trademarks and for company names will begin on November 13, 2007. There is a staggered "Sunrise" registration launch process in which all qualified applications in a given round will be treated equally and an auction will be held when two or more qualified applicants seek the same name. After the "Sunrise" period, registration will be open to the general public, first during a "Landrush" period (targeted to open in February 2008) and then on a first-filed basis starting about March 2008.

If you have any questions about the ".Asia" domain or want more information about intellectual property protection in Asia, please contact Edward Lawson at

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