December 2006Guide & Reference Material, Brochure

Strike Prevention and Control Manual

published by Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

     The threat of a strike is a union’s most powerful weapon against an employer. A successful strike can cripple an employer from both an economic and public relations standpoint. Many employers underestimate the complex and time-consuming nature of a work stoppage. Work stoppages are often turning points or long lasting milestones in the labor management relationship. 

Robert W. Mulcahy, Charles B. Palmer and Marion C. Smith, the authors of the Strike Prevention and Control Manual, bring to you backgrounds of substantial in-the-trenches experience in labor relations. Each author has been extensively involved in collective bargaining negotiations and the preparations of strike plans for companies nationwide.

This practical, easy-to-use manual will empower management to successfully prevent or control a strike. The manual focuses on the following issues:

  • Anticipating and identifying the strike signs
  • Bargaining to control strikes
  • Designing an effective strike plan and legal responses
  • State by state analysis of strike breaker legislation
  • State by state analysis of eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits
  • Understanding the role of NLRB and FMCS
  • Structuring the management strike team
  • Communications and public relations aspects of the strike
  • Post-strike considerations
  • Special health care section

This manual is designed for management's use.

Cost: $300

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