February 6, 2006Guide & Reference Material, Brochure

Family and Medical Leave Act Reference Manual

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act has caused anxiety to countless human resources administrators since it was enacted over nine years ago. Michael Best & Friedrich recognizes our clients’ need to have the resources necessary to handle the myriad issues that arise under this complex law. We have developed the Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Family and Medical Leave Act Reference Manual in response. The Reference Manual Contains The Following Materials:

  • FMLA Checklists and Flowchart;
  • Sample Polices;
  • Sample Administrative Forms (including forms not found anywhere else);
  • The federal FMLA Statute as enacted by Congress;
  • The federal FMLA Final Regulations issued by the Department of Labor;
  • The comments by the Department of Labor to the Final Regulations;
  • Guidance concerning the interaction between the FMLA, COBRA, and Cafeteria Plans;
  • Individualized for the State FMLA law applicable in your state (if any); and
  • Space for more FMLA materials as you accumulate them.

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If you are interested in purchasing this manual or if you have any questions, please contact Charles P. Stevens at or 414.225.8268.

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