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White as Candidate for State Bar of Wisconsin President-Elect

Please join us in supporting William White in his candiancy for State Bar of Wisconsin President-Elect.

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William F. White
Candidate for State Bar of Wisconsin President-Elect

My 30 years of private practice experience in both the litigation and transactional areas will serve the State Bar extremely well. The organized Bar will face many challenges in the years to come; effective leadership is crucial to navigating these issues.

I believe:

  • We should adhere to high standards and assume positions of leadership within our community.
  • Collaboration and problem-solving on a state-wide basis helps engage adversaries in ways that lead to positive outcomes.
  • We are trained to understand the different sides of an issue and should seek results which benefit the society in which we live.
  • A clear definition of when lawyering starts needs to be determined and monitored on a continual basis.
  • A blend of voluntary and mandatory membership in the State Bar will maintain the effectiveness of the organization; and
  • The professional association should speak with one voice on matters of common interest.



Endorsed By:

"I occasionally harken back to an old note in Black’s Law Dictionary under the term "profession", stating that the term originally contemplated only theology, law and medicine and the dedication of one’s life to that profession. That note was my first thought when I heard Bill White was a candidate for State Bar President: William F. White is the ultimate professional; not only having skill and special knowledge beyond that required, but also having dedicated years of his life in a pro bono capacity educating and assisting others in his chosen vocation."Jesse A. Wesolowski, Partner, Wesolowski, Reidenbach & Sajdak, S.C. - Franklin

"Bill White is knowledgeable, trustworthy, talented and discreet. He’s a go-to resource for Webcrafters and for me. Bill also gives of his time to help the Madison area be a better place to live and do business. He’s a great asset to our community and to the legal profession."Jac Garner, President, Webcrafters Inc. - Madison

"Bill is also the greatest at public meetings that could be contentious by listening to the public with an open ear and mind to the true basis for their fears and worries. He is able to turn those doubts around in a positive way that leaves the public satisfied and unified."Randy Kerkman, Village Administrator, Village of Bristol - Kenosha County

"Bill White has the real world experience and common sense judgment necessary to redefine the bar association to better serve both bar members and the community alike."Brian Nodolf, Partner, Spangler, Nodolf, Bruder & Klinkhammer, LLC - Eau Claire

"I have known Bill for over 20 years. As both a lawyer and leader, Bill has always had great vision and worked successfully to bring people with different viewpoints together. More importantly, he is an exceptional person, consummate professional, and would make all of us proud as the next President of the State Bar."Jonathan Levine, Legal Counsel, Littler Mendelson, P.C. - Milwaukee

"Bill is a good leader and a skilled listener. Bill appreciates input from a variety of sources when creating workable solutions for his clients. Johanna Allex, Partner, Law Offices of Christenson and Allex, LLC - Madison

"Bill is committed to the profession and interested in helping the practicing bar with the issues that we face. Bill listens to find common ground and crafts solutions that the group can rally behind. He’s a careful thinker and leads with a calm steady hand that includes and draws people in rather than divides and cuts them out. Join me in voting for Bill."Michelle A. Behnke, Partner, Michelle Behnke & Associates - Madison

"Bill White has been a statewide leader in developing constructive solutions to complex inter-municipal conflicts. It has been an honor to work with him in this field."John St. Peter, Partner, Edgarton, St. Peter, Petak & Rosenfeldt - Fond du Lac

"Bill will make an excellent State Bar President because he is dedicated to the State Bar’s mission and to diversifying the Bar. He gives unselfishly of his time to law students and young lawyers. He mentored me as a law student and continues to mentor me, a lawyer in my second year of practice. Bill is a great friend and mentor." David Bonner, Attorney at Law - Springfield and Chicago, Illinois

"Bill White is a great leader as well as a follower. He is both wise and smart, while being tough, yet compassionate. He is singularly focused, but willing to compromise when appropriate, and, hence, he is the perfect next State Bar President. He is also a really good guy." Bruce Rosen, Partner, Rosen Law Offices - Madison

"I have known Bill for 30 years. Bill is an excellent lawyer and has high ethical standards. Bill devotes a significant amount of his time to pro-bono cases, charitable activities and volunteer service, and has made our community a better place in which to raise our families."Jesse Ishikawa, Partner, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C. - Madison

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