February 17, 2011In the News

Our Condolences

Our friend and colleague, Justice Bill Bablitch, passed away in Hawaii about midnight Wisconsin time.  Bill was a giant in Wisconsin politics and government.  A Peace Corps volunteer and 1968 UW Law School graduate, he served as Portage County District Attorney from 1969 to 1972, as a Wisconsin State Senator from 1972-1983, serving as Majority Leader for seven years and was elected to two ten year terms on the Wisconsin Supreme Court from 1983 to 2003.  As a Partner at Michael Best from 2003-2010 he participated in many major appellate cases.  Bill shared his wisdom and great stories with young and old alike.  In his long career, Bill counseled Governors, Legislators and political candidates from both parties. 



Many of us looked forward to Bill's return from Hawaii each spring as much as we looked forward to the return of the robin.  Bill will be missed by many friends, colleagues and confidants.  He was a great counselor and partner. 

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