Madison Office Sustainability Initiative


Conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner is important to our clients and it is important to us. Our individual and collective efforts can make a difference and the Madison Office has undertaken a sustainability initiative to help us do our part.

  • We have joined the American Bar Association/Environmental Protection Agency (ABA-EPA) “Law Office Climate Challenge Partnership,” which requires its members to adhere to a policy of recycling 90% of all discarded mixed paper, purchasing office paper products with a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content, and adopting internal policies regarding copied and printed documents.
  • We’ve installed duplexers for double sided printing, and replaced paper distribution of various notices and publications with electronic distribution.
  • When re-usable kitchenware doesn’t meet the need, we utilize 100% compostable utensils, cups and dishes.
  • Our clients and guests have the option of filtered pitcher water or bottled water in our conference rooms.

  • We recycle printer cartridges and provide a collection point for used batteries to assure proper disposal.

  • Our employees have also been given an incentive to walk, ride a bicycle or take the bus to work.

  • We are a corporate member of Community Car, an innovative program which allows our attorneys and staff to leave their cars at home and still have access to vehicles during the dayfor meetings, errands and court filings.

We are proud of these efforts and intent on doing more.

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