May 8, 2005In the News

Governor Doyle Re-appointed Two Michael Best Attorneys to the Milwaukee River Revitalization Council

Governor Doyle recently re-appointed two Michael Best attorneys to the Milwaukee River Revitalization Council ("MRRC"). Raymond Krueger (Chairman) and Gary Ahrens (Council member) have long been committed to the revitalization of the Milwaukee River. Ray and Gary have been actively involved with the Council and its efforts since its inception 17 years ago. Each has been reappointed by both Republican and Democratic governors for their solid leadership and dedication to the success of the river revitalization project.

The primary goal of the Council is to advise the Governor and Legislators of issues relating to the river revitalization. Ray and Council members will work with governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the community to promote and improve the river, to ensure that the river serves as a recreational resource, and to encourage river development projects that are sensitive to this resource. Building from this general goal, Gary's efforts -- promoting the River as a urban recreational facility, and promoting and supporting community and youth rowing programs -- benefits the parts of the river located within the City of Milwaukee.

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