June 23, 2003Press Release

Richard Z. Kabaker Honored as Father of the Year 2003

Madison, WI - Richard Z. Kabaker was recognized as the Father of the Year for 2003 by the American Diabetes Association's Father's Day Council. Kabaker, father of two, has demonstrated the ability to balance his personal life while achieving a high level of success in his chosen career.

When asked how he feels about the recognition, Kabaker answered, "Bewildered and hugely proud?It is all still a mystery to me."

In 1971, Kabaker gave up his career with a Cleveland law firm and spent 10 years as a law professor. "I would not trade that for anything. Those were the best days of my life." His decision allowed for more time with his children during their formative years. Kabaker is delighted to see how dedicated his children are to their families. It is his greatest source of pride.

"I will be happy with that as my legacy," says Kabaker.

Today, Kabaker practices law in Madison, Wisconsin with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. Kabaker focuses his practice on wealth planning services, trust and estate administration and marital property law and the laws relating to the formation, taxation and operation of non-profit organizations.

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