February 14, 2001Press Release

Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Joins Powerful, New Employment Law Alliance To Aid Multi-State And Global Employers

Timing key as unions take aim at organizing high tech and health care industries

Milwaukee, WI - The law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP has joined the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), a powerful, new, global practice network to help employers effectively deal with the far-reaching, highly complex and rapidly changing world of employment law and labor relations.

Scott C. Beightol, partner at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and CFO/Board Member of the ELA, whose firm will be the ELA's designated representative in the state of Wisconsin, said, "We're proud to be a member of this select network of firms that have distinguished themselves in the law, but particularly in the critical areas of employment and labor law. We look forward to collaborating with the other firms throughout the United States and overseas to provide the highest quality representation possible to clients with wide-ranging interests."

Stephen J. Hirschfeld, CEO of the ELA, as well as a partner in the California-based firm of Curiale, Dellaverson, Hirschfeld Kelly & Kraemer, LLP, said of the firm, "We are honored to have Michael Best & Friedrich as a member of the ELA. Their local knowledge of all the relevant issues, regulations, statutes and the courts, is unsurpassed. They will provide an invaluable legal resource to the other member firms whose clients have interests in Wisconsin, as well as an intellectual resource to the entire network."

He said the ELA, with firms like Michael Best & Friedrich as members, can help employers who are trying to avoid being overpowered as they confront difficult issues impacting the work place. Among these issues are mounting union organizing campaigns in health care and high tech to complex class-action suits and compliance with a host of new government regulations.

Beightol, explaining how the firm will function as part of this international alliance, said, "Any one of the ELA members can instantly mobilize a worldwide response on behalf of a client in any given matter. We're now part of what today's leading employers demand: one-stop shopping for the best employment law and labor relations team counsel whether their business has 50 employees in five American cities, or 500,000 around the globe."

Beightol said ELA members will be communicating regularly over their dedicated web site,, as well as face-to-face in seminars and training sessions for members and their clients. He also announced that the organization would be the exclusive sponsor of "America At Work", a new series of public opinion surveys to gauge American attitudes toward critical work place and employment issues.

For further information, contact Beightol through the web site at www.employmentlawalliance.comor directly at 414-225-4994.

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