Advanced Manufacturing


Revolutionary changes in technology, from remote monitoring and additive manufacturing to artificial intelligence and materials science, are continuing to drive fundamental changes in the manufacturing sector. As a result, manufacturers have access to a vast, rapidly changing array of new tools to improve efficiency and productivity; develop innovative materials, designs, and techniques; manage their workforces; and interact with end users. In an era when advanced technologies are crucial to national prosperity — and indeed, to many aspects of our daily lives — advanced manufacturers play a key role in the global and national economies. At the same time, manufacturers operate in an increasingly complex regulatory and legal environment.

In the midst of these ongoing sea changes, Michael Best helps clients adapt and set a course for the future. To serve the diverse needs of manufacturers, our attorneys collaborate across many legal disciplines, including corporate, intellectual property, real estate, environmental, litigation, labor and employment law, and government relations.


We provide proactive, strategic legal counsel to facilitate the seamless development, production, distribution, and defense of our clients’ products. Whether you’re negotiating a contract, moving an idea through the patent process, seeking financing, training employees, or defending litigation, Michael Best can apply the well-coordinated effort you need.

Our deep understanding of the manufacturing industry is built on a history dating back to our firm’s founding in 1848. As industry evolves, we evolve alongside it, currently working with more than 400 manufacturing clients. In addition to our attorneys’ decades of experience working with manufacturers from virtually every sector, some have worked in-house at major manufacturers, giving us a comprehensive perspective. We understand the new opportunities facing advanced manufacturers, as well as the accompanying risks.

Automated manufacturing processes and remote management systems often increase efficiency and lower costs — but they can also be disrupted by cyber-attacks, electrical outages, or software crashes. “Connected” products enable manufacturers to collect valuable data but can also allow hackers to steal personal information. Wi-Fi is convenient and efficient, yet it heightens the risk of financial, identity, and intellectual property theft. Artificial Intelligence systems can assist in employee hiring but may leave the employer vulnerable to claims of discrimination. International markets bring new business opportunities, along with new regulations and intellectual property protection concerns.

The industry’s pace of change shows no sign of slowing, and manufacturers must keep up while also coping with the cost and complexity of compliance in an uncertain regulatory environment. Michael Best is here to help you keep up, look ahead, and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

Michael Best is an active member of various organizations and trade associations, including Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the Utah Manufacturing Alliance, and the New North. We routinely participate in and sponsor industry events. Our attorneys frequently speak on industry-specific topics at a variety of events, including seminars and conferences hosted by organizations such as the Wisconsin Safety Council and Grocery Manufacturers Association.


Client Testimonial

“Michael Best & Friedrich provides a turnkey solution for Johnson Health Tech’s (JHT) intellectual property and other legal needs. Their attorneys have worked diligently to learn how JHT functions and tailor advice to best meet our business interests. We can receive trademarks registered in multiple countries by working with one attorney who handles all of the details, improving overall efficiency. In areas where we seek sophisticated legal guidance, we follow the advice of their team to help us make informed decisions.


We especially rely on Michael Best to protect our rights in the courts and at the Patent Office. We have had very good results in both venues. JHT highly respects the US patent system and works hard to create its own strong patent portfolio and not infringe on others’ patents. When JHT has been challenged with frivolous and nuisance lawsuits and there have been patents asserted against our company which should never have been granted, we rely on Michael Best to invalidate those patent claims. Their attorneys have had particular success using both patent reexaminations and the Inter-Partes Review process through compelling and persuasive arguments and using relevant prior art. Michael Best has produced successful legal outcomes for our organization and their professionals are integral to the overall protection of our intellectual property”

Robert Burck, Regulatory Compliance Engineer / Intellectual Property, Registered U.S. Patent Agent (59,635), Johnson Health Tech North America

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