In Our Own Words

A collection of quotes from our team members. Because sometimes it's best to hear things straight from an insider. 

Recent Law Graduate

“I joined Michael Best, because Michael Best gave me an opportunity in a bad market. That’s the not so glamorous truth.  But I have stayed here, because Michael Best continues to invest in me and my development as an attorney and future partner at the firm.  

Being a lawyer is not a spectator profession.  And Michael Best gets it. Within my first few months on the job, I was in court, talking to clients, going to depositions, and drafting briefs.  Within my first year, the firm sent me to Dubai on a trade mission to learn about Wisconsin business opportunities overseas. Not all firms are the same.  Michael Best is special." 

- Tanya Salman, Litigation Associate



STEM Graduate

"Shortly after joining Michael Best as a patent engineer, I quickly realized that I was going to be entrusted with responsibilities that would push my limits.  Less than one month after starting, a senior partner asked me to visit one of the firm’s clients to gather information relating to one of their new inventions so that we could assess its patentability.  

While initially intimidating – particularly because I knew that I was going to be working directly with a senior design engineer with over 20 years of experience – it forced me to “up my game” and deliver a work product that exceeded both the client’s and senior partner’s expectations.  Even though I’ve since attended law school and made partner, I still look back to this experience as a defining moment in my career that made me believe I could be successful in this industry."

- Ed Evans, Intellectual Property Partner




I joined the firm as a lateral and found the firm and my colleagues to be very warm and eager to see me integrate successfully into the firm.  The support and encouragement I received was incredible and quickly helped me adapt to my new home, friends and colleagues.  

I'm involved in various diversity initiatives throughout the firm such as the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, LEAD (Lawyers & Engineers Advancing Diversity) and Best Efforts.  Diversity in the workplace and profession is important to me not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because as a successful diverse lawyer I have a duty to give back and help others thrive in their personal and professional lives.”  

- Jorge Leon, Labor & Employment Partner



Professional Staff

"I had worked as a legal secretary for more than 8 years before joining Michael Best.  In those 8 years working as a legal secretary I always wanted to get my foot in the door working in intellectual property/patent prosecution and by joining Michael Best I was able to finally do this.  

The past 2 years have been a great learning experience for me and I have had wonderful support from my attorneys, and the rest of the IP department as I tried to figure out this new (for me) area of law.  I have always enjoyed working in a smaller satellite office of a much larger law firm.  You get all the benefits and extra support that a large law firm provides, but also get be more hands on and contribute to the office culture."

- Doh Kim, Legal Secretary



STEM Student

"Having spent my entire career at Michael Best, I have been able to develop my legal skills from the ground up with some of the best mentors imaginable.  I believe the size and character of the Firm provides a unique work environment that stresses excellent service while promoting long-term learning and development.  

Michael Best values its people as its biggest asset and provides a rewarding, engaging work experience that will encourage you to challenge yourself and take a stake in the performance of the team."  

- Jayson Hongsermeier, IP Patent Agent



Law Student

"When lawyers get asked why they joined their law firms, inevitably the answer usually is “the people.”  While that’s certainly true for me, the more accurate answer would be the talent.  

When I first was introduced with Michael Best, what drew me in were the creative minds and open door policy the firm had. This meant that I, even as an intern and later a junior associate, has access from day one to the best and the brightest, not just of the firm, but of the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin.  I was able to learn by doing and seeing firsthand how our clients problems were handled efficiently and effectively.  There is no doubt that Michael Best made me the best lawyer I can be."

- Michelle Wagner Ebben, Corporate & Transactional Partner


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